• Macrocenter - Macroeconomic Research Center
  • 29/01/2020

That is not the solution

The president of Belarus once again took up arms against imports at the beginning of April. Candidates of economic sciences Leonid Zlotnikov and Vladimir Akulich in a regular issue of  ‘The Bank Messenger’  have laid out in figures, why the strategic problem of the re-industrialization of the country and increasing competitiveness should be solved in […]

The narrow gauge

In recent years, in assessing the economic efficiency of the activities of managers and organizations in Belarus, there has been a shift  not towards  the use of  gross indicators but towards the use of the qualitative indicators. But, first of all, the Belarusian economy is not a market economy, because the prices are tightened to […]

Macroeconomic review of Belarus. January-December 2017

The review presents 200 graphs with the main macroeconomic indicators that characterize the state of the four main sectors of the Belarusian economy, as well as individual financial flows between them. The information presented in the review is  based on official statistics and calculations of Macrocenter employees. The review can be useful for professional participants in […]