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  • 15/01/2021

One of the important factors of economic growth, apart from capital and S&T development*  (science and technology development), is labor. In recent years, the number of people employed in the Belarusian economy has been declining. In some industries the reason is the stagnation of a sector, in others the decline is caused by the introduction of more modern production equipment and machinery. At the same time, the labor force would have to flow from industrial sectors to the sphere of high-tech services. However, this does not  happen  always and everywhere. Labor mobility in the labor market is extremely low. And without supporting it, it is unlikely to increase. The reason for that is the lack of new high-paying jobs in Belarus. The sphere of production in most cases can no longer provide high – paid work to the population, and the service sector can not provide them yet.

Author: U. Alex Akulich

Full article on EKONOMIKA.BY

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