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  • 15/01/2021

The problem of aging the population and the reduction of the number of employed is traditionally solved in Belarus by increasing the birth rate but not through attracting migrants. However, is not the most suitable moment to stimulate the birth rate. The economy of Belarus in recent years is in a state of stagnation and even recession. The increase in the birth rate leads to an additional decrease in the employed population at the working age and to an increase the load on the Fund of social protection of the population. At the same time, the support provided by the state to large families is not enough. Every fourth large family is below the poverty line, every second large family is in danger of being below the poverty line. In some population groups there is a distortion of the incentives to increase the birth rate. Record high fertility is demonstrated by young rural women at the age of 20-24, the vast majority of whom have only a school education. Half of rural children are not provided with pre-school education, and every fifth child is raised without a father. Many children are at risk of falling into vulnerable groups from their birth.

Uladzimir Akulich

Рождаемость, образование, здоровье, благосостояние и социальная защита детей в условиях экономической стагнации

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