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  • 18/01/2021

Inflation by the GDP Deflator has reached almost 14%

One of the inflation indicators – the deflator of the GDP of Belarus reached the level of 13.9%  in the third quarter of 2018 (year-to-year). The growth has been observed since the first quarter of 2017, when it reached a historic low of 5.9%. According to the dynamics of the GDP deflator, inflation is starting […]

Conjunctural Growth

A few days ago Belstat published quarterly data of level of real GDP for the 3rd quarter (in the average annual prices of 2014). These data are very important as it is the most correct to estimate dynamics of economic growth on change of the GDP levels calculated in real terms. Results of the analysis […]

Storm in the glass

After the report to the head of the state and a few days before the release of statistics, the Prime Minister said : «According to the data for September, the average salary in the country will reach the level of about 1000 rubles, and won’t fall below in  the future » However  the nominal salary […]