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The main trends of the fiscal sector of Belarus

The budget surplus in recent years is spent on supporting state-owned enterprises and paying off government debt. Inflation is slowing, but VAT revenues are rising. Real costs of the consolidated budget in 2017 decreased. Instead of structural reforms, there is still support for the state sector of the Belarusian economy. Authors: Uladz AKULICH, Helen KHLUS, Dzmitry BARTOSH

Forecasting the economy: from descriptive to prescriptive analytics

The article shows that further development of the Belarusian economy assumes treating it as a large complex system, the variety of conditions of which exceeds the directive management methods possibilities. This implies, first, the expansion of the sphere of economic self-regulation, and, second, the empowerment of the ability of scientists and managers to investigate and […]

Zipf’s rule and its significance in forecasting the development of cities of Belarus

In today’s regional analysis, the trend of reducing the number of small towns and urban migration processes in major regional centers and the city of Minsk is very important. In previous years in Belarus, under the influence of administrative management methods, which characterize 1950-90s, cities were created artificially, which turned into mono-cities in the future. […]