• Macrocenter - Macroeconomic Research Center
  • 26/11/2020

The mission of the Macrocenter is to promote analytics and research results to inform and develop evidence-based policy. Advocating for the private sector development, private ownership, market economy institutions. Act as a link between representatives of the academic economic community, on the one hand, and people taking economic decisions and carrying out practical activities at different levels, on the other. To promote the spread of the world-centered worldview in Belarus, which is based on the values ​​of rationalism and self-expression. Fight with various economic prejudices, stereotypes, patterns, agency, fears and phobias through scientific research and the dissemination of scientific knowledge. To fight against pseudoscience.

Центр макроэкономических исследований

Логотип Macrocenter

MRC letters – capital letters from Macroeconomic Research Center. There is an open umbrella above the letters.

The umbrella symbolizes the role of research of economic, legal and political institutions that form a system of private property, creating equal opportunities for all segments of the population. Therefore, the skeleton of the letter R (research) serves as the handle of this umbrella at the same time, the form of the letter i (institutions) means that a stable model of the market economy can not be formed without effective institutions, and the adaptive efficiency of market mechanisms is ensured.

The mission of the Macrocenter economists is to carry out similar studies that should protect the Belarusian economy from external and internal adversities, including economic policy mistakes.

The blue color of the umbrella is the color of freedom, the color of the liberal ideology of a market economy. Orange color symbolizes activity, energy, positivity, openness. Orange color is the color of life force and sun. This is a color that indicates a thoughtful, attentive and respectful attitude towards other people, regardless of their views and beliefs.

The letter M symbolizes an improvised Haberler curve characterizing the cyclical development of the market economy and the trend of sustained economic growth in the long run. Again, economic sustainability should be promoted by economic research.