• Macrocenter - Macroeconomic Research Center
  • 27/11/2020

Macrocenter is pleased to announce the recruitment for the Second School of Economic Analysis, which will be held in Minsk in February-May 2018.

Participants will be introduced to two courses: the applied econometrics and the methods of linear programming. The senior researchers of the Macrocenter and invited experts will be the lecturers.

The second school will be closed. Candidates’ selection criteria: the status of researcher or assistant researcher of the Macrocenter. The school is designed to improve the skills and competencies of potential employees of the Macrocenter.

The curriculum includes intensive lectures and seminars. Those participants who will attend at least 100% of classes and successfully pass the final exam will receive certificates.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at school@macrocenter.by

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