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  • 27/11/2020

The 2017th year the neighboring Lithuania has finished with quite good results in economy. In 9 months of 2017 GDP of Lithuania has grown by 3,6% and made 30,9 billion euros. For the same time GDP of Belarus has increased for 1,7% and amounted to 35,9 billion euros.

Thus, the final consumption per capita in Lithuania was 11 thousand euros  and in Belarus– 3,8 thousand euros, which is 2,9 times less. And one more important difference: the economic growth in Lithuania has been provided at the expense of internal factors (generally due to investments of the Lithuanian companies). In 2017 Lithuania used only 307 million euros out of 1 billion euros investments from the funds of the European Union  provided for the country for 2017.GDP growth in Belarus has been provided with growth of an external debt.

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