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  • 18/01/2021

Opening of the Belarusian economy as a source of economic growth

Authors: Leonid ZLOTNIKOV Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor U. Alex AKULICH Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Annotation. The article gives an assessment of the GDP change under different options of integrating Belarusian economy into the international division of labor based on the developed optimization model using inter-industry balance data. The objectively determined estimates […]

Flight on one wing

Stagnation persists in the economy of Belarus. A small increase in GDP is due to domestic consumer demand. External demand (net exports) makes a negative contribution. Domestic investment demand does not affect the rate of economic growth. Recently, a small increase in the economy of Belarus is supported by one component – an increase in […]

Conjunctural Growth

A few days ago Belstat published quarterly data of level of real GDP for the 3rd quarter (in the average annual prices of 2014). These data are very important as it is the most correct to estimate dynamics of economic growth on change of the GDP levels calculated in real terms. Results of the analysis […]

Certain industries of the Belarusian economy remain in recession

In the third quarter of 2017 real GDP decreased in 7 out of 20 industries. Specifically, in the sphere of administrative services (-5,5%), public administration (-2,4%), in the sphere of recreation, sport, entertainments (-1,4%), in electricity supply (-1,3%), construction industry (-0,5%), education (-0,5%), services for temporary residence and food (-0,2%). Belstat will publish data on […]